SWF Rotary Club Produces Activity Packs

Posted Monday 4th May 2020 11:16


  Whilst we were donating funds towards the work of the Food Bank it came to our attention that many of the families who depended  on the support from the food bank were looking for help to entertain some of the children who, because of the lockdown, could not go to school or play  with their friends and they became bored or in need of a great deal more attention whilst at home.

Rotary have stepped in to help by making up activity packs for children of different ages to help provide them with a means of entertainment.

Pictured below are some of the packs which were presented to Emma Hunnable and Kelly Dolbear on behalf of Rotary for the Food Bank who will distribute them to the appropriate families.

This is another way that Rotary is helping during these challenging times.