Vocation / Youth

Vocation & Youth Objectives

There are a great number of activities associated with Youth and unsurprisingly this leads to close co-operation with and reliance on Schools and other Youth Groups.

The Rotary programme includes:-

·      Young Environmentalist                                                   Young Artist           

·      Young Photographer                                                         Young Filmaker       

       Young Musician                                                                 Young Writer

       Youth Speaker Debate                                                      Leadership and Management   

       Young Citizens Competition

·     These all start as local competitions arranged by our Club but can lead on to Regional and National Finals.

Rotakids Clubs offer the first level of entry into the Rotary family and leads on to age related Interact Clubs.

Please contact us to get the ‘ how’ and/or ‘ when’.

Recent Vocation & Youth Events

New Rota Kids Club

Photography Competition

The Club organised a young photography competition in conjunction with local schools and camera club. The results for each category are below and can be viewed in the library for the next 2 weeks.

Below is the display in the library of all winners

Trinity St Mary' Crocus Planting

Although, as a precaution against Covid, SWF Rotary Club members were not present on this occasion, Trinity St. Mary’s key stage one children planted the Crocuses provided by the Club to raise money in support of the campaign to eradicate Polio around the world.

The Deputy Head said that the children enjoyed the event and it was interesting to listen to those children who had planted Crocuses with Rotary two years ago. Even though they had been through the Covid pandemic themselves, they remembered and were able to talk about Polio; the vaccine; and the reason for purple Crocuses to match the colour of the mark made on the finger of a child vaccinated.

Well done Trinity St. Marys and the Club’s sincere thanks to parents for their donations.