Community Service

Community Service Objectives and Recent Events.

The Committee has the responsibility to the Council and the Club for raising monies necessary to continue SWF Rotary Club’s efforts to benefit the town and to make charitable donations. The working parameters, for determining the recommendations to be made to the Club, continue to focus, principally, on the needs of the Town and close environs and to recognise smaller Charities nearer to home which do not have the wider geographical spread and money raising opportunities of the larger. Each request to the Club, for a donation or practical support, is carefully considered.

We intend, where possible, to better the outcome of our successful principal events of the 2022/23 Rotary year- our Sleigh bringing Santa to the children and not so young of SWF; Trees of Joy collecting a considerable number of Toys and Books for children up to the age of twelve who otherwise would have little to look forward to at Xmas;  and our Swimarathon, this year raising monies for The Brain Tumour Trust and other school and club organisations.

We have led or assisted in a range of activities within our objectives:- feeding the hungry and the needy of SWF through the Foodbank; working with the Village Hall Management Committee at the Fayre for the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebration; ( and at the appropriate season a “Rotary” tree will be planted in the local orchard to recognise Her Majesty’s countrywide request); we have and continue to appropriately site benches for the benefit of the SWF community along the creek and in the orchard; created a “Wellbeing” garden at Meadowcroft Nurseries; and brightened up our centre with colourful plants.

The following photos give a flavour of our recent activities. If you would like to join a fun loving club of men and women who wish to give whatever service they are able, please follow the “Contact Us” link on this website.  

New Community Well Being Garden

The club in conjunction with Meadowcroft Nurseries, RHS & Chelmsford CVS have created a Well Being Community Garden at Meadowcroft Nurseries. To chart its progress please click on the following links to see how it is develpoing through pictures

Community Garden Launch

May Update

Second Community Orchard Bench

Town Planters

Members brought spring colour to the Town Centre with plants donated by Meadow Croft Nurseries


New Community Orchard Bench

The club were pleased to donate a new bench in the Orchard on the creek.

Sleigh 2021

The club would like to thank the Management & Staff of Sainsbury's for supporting the club.The picture below shows 2 members of staff with Santa.


The Town Christmas FayreThe club had the opportunity to take the upgaded sleigh to town. It was a great success with many children able to sit on the sleigh. The picture below is just one of many happy faces.

Tree of Joy - The club have embarked on placing 2 Tress of Joy ths year. One is in Asda and the other in Holy Trinity church. The toys collected will go to Connecting and Uniting Familis & Rainbow Trust.