Rotary Club Recognises Outstanding Effort

Posted Wednesday 17th July 2019 20:08


                            SWF Rotary Club Recognises Outstanding Effort 


The Rotary Club held the Swimarathon earlier this year and it demonstrated that we had a great deal of talent in our communityThe Swimarathon’s aim has always been to encourage swimming in the town and support many charities through the sponsorship of the swimmers. It also aims to encourage team spirit, friendship and personal achievement.

 Many people who assisted in running this year’s Swimarathon noted the special achievement of one entrant, Jack Greer of the

Boys’ Brigade.

Jack has mobility issues and sensory difficulties and so was recognised for his huge achievement at being able to overcome those challenges and participate successfully. He was a member of a three person team which between them swam 78 lengths of the swimming pool.

Tony Graham, here in the photograph, presented Jack with a trophy to mark and celebrate the outstanding effort that Jack made to complete the swim and achieve his goal of swimming in the event.