Rotary Club of SWF Covid 19 Sleigh UPDATE

Posted Saturday 7th November 2020 13:31

Rotary Club of SWF Covid 19 Sleigh UPDATE


Further to our update in the Focus last week it is with regret that we have been advised by Asda and Sainsbury’s that in addition to cancellation of the sleigh we will not be able to do the tree of joy.

With the current restrictions planned for lifting on the 2 December we don’t know what will or will not be allowed. We have looked at possible options but we have concluded the possible risks to members of the club and public are too big and would not wish to possibly spoil any Xmas activities we hope to do with friends and / or family.

We are sure you understand the situation and we can assure you we will be doing the sleigh next year.

The sleigh is a major fund raiser for the club where monies raised go to support wherever possible local charities and requests for help.

We would like to continue to help the local community as we have said if you are able to help the club with a donation we have set up a Just Giving campaign page which can be located via visiting website and following the link on the home page. Alternatively you can go directly to the Just Giving page by visiting

When we go round the town with the sleigh we are always presented with bags of coins collected throughout the year. If you have done so again this year please contact the club by the contact link on our website and a member of the Rotary Club will arrange collection.

Stay Safe and see you in 2021 and thanks for your continued support.

So please be generous and visit our just giving web link on the SWF Rotary home web page or you can go straight to the donation web page at

We will keep everyone updated if circumstances change via Facebook page or through the towns various group pages.