Rotary Club of S.W.F Christmas Sleigh

Posted Thursday 29th October 2020 15:17

                      Rotary Club of S.W.F Christmas Sleigh

The Rotary Club, after a long debate and taking advice from the Charity collector’s guidance and recommendations, have reluctantly made the decision not to bring Father Christmas round the town this year. This to protect our volunteers and our loyal supporters and their children.

After a full risk assessment, we cannot guarantee to meet all the requirements necessary. 

However, we are pleased to announce that the new Sainsbury’s store and Asda have agreed to let Father Christmas park his sleigh outside on the following dates.

Asda 12 to 17 December 9am to   5pm. Sainsbury`s 19 to 23 December 9am to 5pm

Father Christmas would love to see the children and speak to them from a safe distance.

We will be collecting donations in cash in the normal way, but we will also be introducing a contactless payment system for donations, or you can donate on our just giving site.

Go to the Rotary home page. And follow link to Sleigh donations.

 or direct to Just Giving @