Jaipur Limbs

Posted Sunday 1st May 2022 11:39


SWF Rotary Club learned of the work that Rotary does with the Jaipur Limbs over many countries when Trustee Margaret Webb gave us a very interesting talk of the activity .

She received a cheque as a donation from Club Vice President John Robinson as  in the picture,

Margaret Webb 

A burden on the family

 With severe limitations to what they are able to do, people disabled in this way become a burden to families who already have very meagre resources and are often condemned to spend their lives begging on the streets.

The aims of Rotary Jaipur Limb are:-

The preservation and protection of health, particularly for the relief of amputees and other limbless persons, including the provision of prostheses and the rehabilitation of individuals.

Its principal activity is the raising of funds in order to finance limb camps and limb centres in Africa, the Indian sub-continent, and other areas of the world in need of help, as determined by the trustees. This is achieved through donations from Rotary clubs, Inner Wheel clubs, other organisations, and private individuals.

In its 32-year history successful projects have been carried out in Benin, Ghana, Haiti, India, The Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.