Dawn Wood and her Atlantic Row Single Handed

Posted Tuesday 24th September 2019 10:26



Dawn came to the SWF Rotary Club to share with us the experiences she endured when rowing single handed across the Atlantic Ocean. She did this in order to demonstrate to Governments of the world how much plastic finds it way into the oceans and how it damages the ecosystems of our oceans.

She has been extremely impressed with the Rotary and Inner Wheel responses both here in the UK and in Barbados to assist her quest to reduce plastic pollution.

It seemed totally inconceivable that she saw discarded plastic material floating around in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!!

We have been informed as a part of the movement towards a green economy and in its goal to have Barbados plastic-free by 2020, the Barbados government has placed a ban on single-use plastics.  

Dawn thanked Rotary and Inner Wheel members, most sincerely for the assistance with her Challenge and hoped with our help the scourge of discarded plastic in our oceans which has such a devastating impact on the marine ecosystem, may become a thing of the past.

We could not have let this occasion of her visit go without presenting her with examples of her diet during the expedition as in the photo below of dry pot noodle.


Dawn Wood Pot NoodlesDawn Wood Atlantric Row Cheque

 The club also could not let this meeting go by without marking support for her charity “Marine Conservation Society” with a cheque which was presented to Dawn by Rotary President Eric Johnson as above.