Crocus Planting for End Polio Campaign

Posted Friday 9th November 2018 20:42


Recently a group of Rotarians from the South Woodham Club went back to school at Trinity St. Marys                                                                

Crocus Planting

The occasion was to help the Reception and Classes 1 and 2 to plant their crocus, the Club had supplied each child with a pot, compost and 9 crocus bulbs as part of the Rotary ‘End Polio’ campaign. All the bulbs will flower purple, this is because when a child overseas receives the vaccine developed to stop polio, their little finger is dipped in purple dye to indicate they have been immunised.


Rotary with other Health Organisations have been involved in the project since 1950 and is 99% on the way to eradicating polio globally. There have been no new cases in Africa for over a year and the focus is now on achieving similar result in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Our thanks to the staff at the school who helped to make this possible, and of course to the children who appeared to enjoy themselves whilst learning about polio and planting their pots. I know the Rotarians also enjoyed joining in.