Carers Week

Posted Friday 5th June 2020 15:45

We felt that in these challenging times staff who are faced with the work of front line caring for patients with Coronavirus are giving above and beyond in nursing care and support where it is most needed.
As our Rotary club earns funds from the community via the events that we organise we felt that we should answer a call to help them fund the important work that they do in the community.
 We answered a call to help minimise and protect the Clinical teams at Farleigh Hospice who are now doing palliative care in the community to help and support patients who have been infected with the Coronavirus, to help them fund protective equipment they so badly need to do the sterling work that they do by giving a donation and setting up a Just Giving page for them as well.
Whilst we were donating funds towards the work of the Food Bank it came to our attention that many of the families who depended  on the support from the food bank were looking for help to entertain some of the children who, because of the lockdown, could not go to school or play  with their friends and they became bored or in need of a great deal more attention whilst at home.Rotary stepped in to help by making up activity packs for children of different ages to help provide them with a means of entertainment.The club also set up an appeal on our "Just Giving" site where members of the public can make a financial contribution
Many charitable organisations are tasked with some of the care for  patients with Corona Virus and other debillitating illnesses but are suffering from lack of events for them to organise to earn donations and funding to support their work.

It was particularly pleasing to hear that Kids Inspire had been awarded with the "Queens Award" for voluntary service especially in this Carers Week. We have supported them over the last couple of years via our club swimarathon.The email announcing this is attached

We have recently made donations to Havens Hospice & Homes, Farleigh Hospice, Riding for the Disabled, Kids Inspire, Action for Family Carers and SWF Food Bank.