South Woodham Ferrers

Know your blood pressure day

Posted Monday 8th May 2017 10:33

Know your blood pressure day outside ASDA on Saturday 6th May organised by the Rotary Club of South Woodham Ferres was a success in that despite it being a cold day and not many people about we managed to encourage 80 people to have their  blood pressure checked and recorded

 It was amazing how many other people had their own BP machines or just been checked at the doctors, never the less, of the 80 checked 64 were found to have no problems, 13 were advised to have a check with their doctor in the next month and just 3 were advised to see their doctor within a week.

We thank the First Responders for their expertise in taking the blood pressures and offering very valuable advise where it was needed.They are indeed a valuable asset to the community

The most important lesson for many is that high Blood pressure is not always noticeable to any of us but never the less it can be a killer and is often termed "The Silent Killer"  Long term high blood pressure, however, is a major risk factor for coronary artery disease, stroke, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, vision loss, and chronic kidney disease.

If this exercise has been able to save any long term effects in any individual that was tested then this has been a worthwhile event for the community.