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Rotary Gives Support to Atlantic Rower Dawn Wood

Posted Monday 28th January 2019 11:26

Rotary Gives Support to Atlantic Rower Dawn Wood

South Woodham Ferrers Rotary Club is following South Woodhams, own Atlantic Rower Dawn Wood.

Dawn a local police officer has a passion for ridding the World’s Oceans of junk which finds its way from our rubbish in to seas to the detriment of fish and mammals whose rightful habitat is endangered.

She is rowing across the Atlantic Ocean her aims being

To row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean -  solo and un-supported.

To break the world record for the fastest time a solo female has crossed the Atlantic. Currently set at 49 days.

To become the 7th woman in the world to have completed this challenge.

Raise £100,000 to fund the campaign to make a huge impact on ocean plastic pollution.

​Encourage others to reduce their single use of plastics

Collect evidence of ocean pollution to be used in essential research

To inspire others to challenge themselves

She can be followed on her website she has already had some 75,000 hits on her various social media sites.

We are following Dawn on her journey and she has completed 1000 miles of

the 3000mile journey She will be met by the Barbados Rotary Club and any assistance required will be given to Dawn

 Oceans for life’ in Gran Canaria have even named their February beach clean in her honour calling it the Row Aurora beach clean!


As a result of following Dawn’s Journey 45 people volunteered to help and 15 of them even collected from the water!We will continue to support Dawn but anyone who wishes to give financial support can see her “Just Giving” page on her website.